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Novi iPhone 3GS

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Novi iPhone 3GS Empty Novi iPhone 3GS

Post by LuX0r on Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:34 am

Novi iPhone 3GS Hero-intro-20090608

The Fastest iPhone Ever
The first thing you’ll notice about iPhone 3G S is how quickly you can launch applications. Web pages render in a fraction of the time, and you can view email attachments faster. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics deliver an incredible gaming experience, too. In fact, everything you do on iPhone 3G S is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

Novi iPhone 3GS Intro-iphone-speed-20090608

Now you can shoot video, edit it, and share it — all on your iPhone 3G S. Shoot high-quality VGA video in portrait or landscape. Trim your footage by adjusting start and end points. Then share your video in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync it back to your Mac or PC using iTunes.

Novi iPhone 3GS Intro-iphone-everything-20090608

The new 3-megapixel camera takes great still photos, too, thanks to built-in autofocus and a handy new feature that lets you tap the display to focus on anything (or anyone) you want.

Novi iPhone 3GS Intro-iphone-cutcopypaste-20090608

Evo sad su napravili iPhone koji moze da snima video kllipove...napokon,al je jos uvek weak za htc :D

Novi iPhone 3GS 2u61puu

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Novi iPhone 3GS Empty Re: Novi iPhone 3GS

Post by N1Dz0X on Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:44 pm

Da mi ga je imati

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Terorizam je bolest,pozovite doktora.
Ko nema u vuglu,ima u googlu.

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